The new PlayStation 5 looks like a giant broadband router review

A new console launch is always cause for excitement, even in the middle of a pandemic. Assuming you have not already skipped into the good stuff, let’s get to it.
Sony mainly used the function as an extended sizzle reel for its eclectic assortment of exclusives coming into the console, though it was not clear which would launch with the console later this year.The most immediately intriguing were Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a followup to last year’s hugely popular game featuring the direct from the critically acclaimed animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, along with Horizon: Forbidden Westa sequel to the popular Horizon: Zero Dawn. The latter, in particular, looked stunning.
Sony also disclosed the console itself and a bunch of peripherals, but declined to state how much the PS5 would cost at launch. Nor did it clear up many of our burning questions, like the exact nature of this system’s backward compatibility with all previous consoles. Also, well, you’ve noticed the photos.Sony hasn’t published the measurements, but you may use the dimensions of the disc drive for a guide. That’s a very rough guesstimate, however, and should be treated as such, but it already has us glancing in our house entertainment stand with concern.
To your other question, yes, it is going to lie flat. Sony released pictures of this console in the flat position with it sitting on some type of stand. Like the chunky Xbox collection X, the PS5 is clearly designed to be stood tall.It’s worth noting that there are two versions of the console. One using a 4K Kinect drive plus one is your PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and contains no optical drive — perfect for those who will not mind paying over the odds for their games.We still don’t know for sure, but rumours suggest it could cost between £500 into £600 as this creation is proving costly to produce than PS4 and Xbox One in launch.Again, we haven’t confirmed date other than”later this year” however October or November seems a secure bet.We can’t say, however Sony has released some details in preceding events. We know, like the Xbox Series X, the PlayStation 5 has been powered by an eight-core AMD processor and a custom GPU based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. Everything we’ve heard and seen so far suggests the Xbox is going to have slight raw performance advantage over the PS5, but Sony has a trick up its sleeve which may give it an advantage.


While both consoles are embracing fast solid state drive (SSD) akin the flash memory in your phone, Sony’s is allegedly much faster. So fast, in fact, that textures and game assets could be streamed directly from the SSD instead of being stored in the machine’s memory (RAM) as is traditional.In a demonstration of its Unreal Engine 5 earlier this year, Epic Games manager Tim Sweeney stated”the storage architecture on the PS5 is far ahead of anything you can purchase on anything on PC for any quantity of money right now. It’s going to drive future PCs.” You can observe that demo below.This new SSD will have a dramatic effect on loading times. At a previous demonstration of Marvel’s Spider-Man, quickly travelling on the PS4 Guru took 15 seconds; the same function allegedly takes just 0.8 seconds on the PS5.One is something Sony is calling”elastic triggers”. One example given of how these will affect gameplay was shooting a bow and arrow, pressing down on the trigger to draw back an arrow could have a different tactile sensation to firing a shotgun, or driving an off-road car through rocky terrain.The other key feature is the controller’s”haptic feedback”, which replaces the standard rumble. Sony states that the difference between old and this rumble is night and day. Crashing to a wall using a car。