Released the Meatgrinder update of “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” ReviewReleased the Meatgrinder update of “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” Review

Whenever the Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners launched earlier this year, Road into VR called it”genuinely terrifying” and”satisfyingly saturated in existential angst.” Ever since that time, fans of this franchise and zombiephiles alike have made difficult decisions to survive at the Big Easy, taking on the undead when navigating the special horrors of the living. Today, Skydance Interactive is back and serving up the Meatgrinder Update, now available on the Rift Platform. The Meatgrinder Update introduces a brand new game mode called”The Trial,” where players will face off against relentless waves of walkers. As players live every round, they’ll be rewarded with points according to their functionality and face new challenges as each level increases this ever-growing horde. Crafting the best arsenal and utilizing the environment for any advantage will be key to survival. Players need to get creative within their kills because they handle their resources appropriately in the middle of chaos if they expect to make it out alive.
The upgrade will also find the addition of this”Absolution” katana weapon skin. Players can slice and dice enemies in fashion because they forgive their sins. Ultimately, players will have the ability to research a new difficulty option for the campaign, letting them take on their undead experience in the flooded streets of New Orleans having a problem setting assigning narrative over gameplay challenge. Stay tuned for future developments to this new difficulty setting attribute. Players will embark on a gruesome experience as they struggle for survival against not only walkers, but the continuous threats of violence, disease, and famine, and create gut-wrenching choices along their journey that will determine the future for everyone left alive in NOLA.