The Pokemon Go Trainer Has Caught Every Pokemon Except Unavailable Legendaries And the Region-Specific Monsters.

All that they have left to catch are region-specific creatures, the legendaries, and Ditto.Pokemon Go has been out in the US for about two weeks now, and someone has already caught all the available Pokemon in the region.

Mime, which is exclusive to Europe; Kangaskhan, which can only be found in Australia and New Zealand; and Farfetch’d, which sticks to Asia. He also hasn’t caught Ditto, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo, and Mew, as they are part of the initial 151 Pokemon but have not been added yet.Nick Johnson spoke to Business Insider about his accomplishment, which he first showed off on the Pokemon Go subreddit. In total, Johnson caught 4,269 Pokemon, hatched 303 eggs, and walked 153 kilometers over the last two weeks. The Pokemon he has left to catch are Mr.

Johnson tells Business Insider that these trips could last for up to eight hours, averaging eight miles a day, according to his iPhone’s Health app.Johnson is the head of a startup and a published author, so he doesn’t have much time to play during the day. However, as soon as work was over, he would start looking for Pokemon around Brooklyn and Manhattan.

We’ve contacted Johnson to ask how much money he’s spent on the game. In his interview with Business Insider, he recommends that if you’re going to spend money, you should buy egg incubators and “some good walking shoes.”

You can read more about Johnson and his journey to catch all of the Pokemon over on Business Insider.

In related news, a 24-year-old New Zealand man quit his job to play Pokemon Go full-time. His goal is to catch all of the Pokemon as well.

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