Detroit: Become Human tackles civil rights without a grasp of history

Connor in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human exemplifies the delicate, albeit not backhanded, praise of, “They mean well.” Perhaps director and lead writer David Cage, whose work at his studio Quantic Dream is best defined as “foreign-made, interactive interpretations of maudlin Hollywood drama,” focused on themes as heady as prejudice, discrimination, social inequality and domestic abuse in the hopes […]

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Nintendo Labo review

Nintendo Labo - cardboard shapes partially punched out

Nintendo’s Labo kits do things with cardboard and electronics that feel like practical magic, but the construction process is the equivalent of overcoming a half-dozen small mountains. Building Labo Toy-Cons isn’t stressful or scary so much as it’s mysterious. You’ll spend a decent amount of time putting pieces together while wondering what they’ll do exactly, […]

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Mike Bithell’s Quarantine Circular is a fantastic conversation with an alien

Quarantine Circular - Teng Lui talking to alien

Text adventures like Quarantine Circular, the latest from indie developer Mike Bithell, present a tantalizing future for video games. It presents dialogue as a genuine plaything, a tremendously exciting notion. Sure, we are still a long way from rendering the possibilities of speech in terms of believable simulation, and Quarantine Circular demonstrates the current limitations […]

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