logan wolverine 3 villain confirmed

Logan: Wolverine 3 Villain Confirmed

The main villain in the third Wolverine film, Logan, has been revealed.

Earlier this year, Narcos star Boyd Holbrook was cast as a mystery villain in the movie, and now it’s been confirmed, the actor is playing Donald Pierce.

Image courtesy of the wponx Instagram account

 Image courtesy of the wponx Instagram account.

In the comics. Pierce is a cyborg who served as both the White Bishop and the White King of The Hellfire Club. The organization was portrayed in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, where they were led by Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw. Pierce’s motivation in the comics is to create an army of cyborgs called Reavers.

Logan will be released March 3, 2017.

Director James Mangold has been dropping new details about the film all month long, including the title, poster, script page, and Professor X’s state of being in the movie. Another villain, Mr. Sinister is, rumored to be in the film, as is the character X-23, and the film is expected to be rated R.

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