Released the Meatgrinder update of “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” ReviewReleased the Meatgrinder update of “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” Review

Whenever the Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners launched earlier this year, Road into VR called it”genuinely terrifying” and”satisfyingly saturated in existential angst.” Ever since that time, fans of this franchise and zombiephiles alike have made difficult decisions to survive at the Big Easy, taking on the undead when navigating the special horrors of the living. […]

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The director is using virtual reality on the spot to find the perfect and stylish lens

Wearing a VR headset, I am immersed in a digital speakeasy of the 1920s. A strange-looking wooden protagonist, played by a human actor whose footage has only been recorded, chit-chats with computer-generated pub patrons. The tech I am testing was created by Technicolor and enables film directors to instantly see exactly what a scene will […]

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Nintendo Classic Mini NES review: Retro goodness in pint-sized proportions

nintendo classic mini size comparison

Nintendo’s going for a full-frontal nostalgia offensive this Christmas with the release of its pint-sized Nintendo Entertainment System. Dubbed the Nintendo Classic Mini NES, this teeny plastic console has been completely retooled for the modern age, which allowing you to play its 30 pre-loaded games over HDMI. From the classic Super Mario Bros and Legend […]

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