The director is using virtual reality on the spot to find the perfect and stylish lens

Wearing a VR headset, I am immersed in a digital speakeasy of the 1920s. A strange-looking wooden protagonist, played by a human actor whose footage has only been recorded, chit-chats with computer-generated pub patrons. The tech I am testing was created by Technicolor and enables film directors to instantly see exactly what a scene will […]

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Detroit: Become Human tackles civil rights without a grasp of history

Connor in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human exemplifies the delicate, albeit not backhanded, praise of, “They mean well.” Perhaps director and lead writer David Cage, whose work at his studio Quantic Dream is best defined as “foreign-made, interactive interpretations of maudlin Hollywood drama,” focused on themes as heady as prejudice, discrimination, social inequality and domestic abuse in the hopes […]

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Nintendo Labo review

Nintendo Labo - cardboard shapes partially punched out

Nintendo’s Labo kits do things with cardboard and electronics that feel like practical magic, but the construction process is the equivalent of overcoming a half-dozen small mountains. Building Labo Toy-Cons isn’t stressful or scary so much as it’s mysterious. You’ll spend a decent amount of time putting pieces together while wondering what they’ll do exactly, […]

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